3 myths about the coronavirus and what to do instead

Coronavirus – myths vs truths – it’s hard to say which is which for now, but here are some best practices

I’m sure you’re asking yourself – why are you writing an article for coronavirus in a vegan recipe blog? Well, a widespread opinion is that the violence and exploitation of animals by humans is in the root of this disease. We at cannot confirm that information, but we are worried about the impeding pandemic and would like to share some information with our readers.

Some useful links where you can see up to date information on the coronavirus:

Myths and misconceptions

You have to take antibiotics

There is no cure for the coronavirus currently so antibiotics won’t help. Also, they are used for bacterial infections and this is a virus.

You can get it from your pets

It has been proven that this is not true. Please do not engage in any violence and do not abandon your pets due to fearmongering. Keep your pets safe!

You have to be careful with your orders from China

The virus is unstable outside the body of the carrier so your packets and orders are OK. Don’t panic.

What to do instead

There are several basic measures you can take in order to prevent the spread of the virus and protect yourself.

  • Wash your hands regularly, multiple times each day
  • Maintain distance from sick people 
  • Avoid crowded places altogether
  • Good overall hygiene is advised
  • Support your immune system

Remember – the virus is weak outside the body of the carrier. However, make sure you wash your hands well with soap and water eliminates any viral threats from your unclothed body.

It’s needless to say that you have to keep a distance from sick people, but keeping distance from people altogether is also sound advice. I would go as far as to say that you should isolate yourself as much as possible, especially if you live in a country with confirmed cases of the virus. A few weeks skipping the cinema or crowded malls won’t do you any harm.

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Supporting your immune system is also very important. Remember – there is currently no cure and no vaccine for the virus. The patients are basically left to rest and drink plenty of fluids until the body fights off the virus.

So, keeping yourself in top shape is of utmost importance. While there is no proof that any specific vitamin or food has direct effect on the virus, keeping your body in good condition is vital.

We recommend that you drink plenty of fluids (herbal tea, water, various fresh juices) and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Stay healthy, my friends!