About me

Hello and welcome to my blog – sharing easy and affordable vegan recipes!

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vegancheapneasy.com shares simple, easy and affordable vegan recipes that anyone can make. I focus on simplistic and quick approach to cooking and I don’t like overly complicated recipes that make you spend hours in the kitchen.

In my everyday cooking I use local ingredients that are available in most stores and markets. I rarely, if ever, cook fancy food that you can’t pronounce.

Usually, I rarely use fake meats or expensive vegan cheeses. I try to keep my cooking easy and affordable. That means you won’t see me using many food processors or fancy kitchen appliances that cost a fortune. 

You also won’t see me prepare difficult, multi-step recipes or spend countless hours in the kitchen reaching perfection. There are many blogs who offer that extra special recipe you need 3 hours to make. That’s not what vegancheapneasy.com is about.

I am a vegan enthusiast with a full-time job who loves preparing healthy, but also easy and affordable vegan recipes at home. I am not a professional cook or blogger, but I am eager to share my ideas and recipes.

I’ve chosen to reflect this in my blog so that everyone can try my recipes at home with ease.

The goal of this blog is to make vegan cooking easy, affordable and popular to people with little time to cook, people with limited access to fancy ingredients and finances.

Although I do share the vegan ideology, this blog’s purpose is to share cooking recipes for everyone.

I firmly believe that simple vegan food is a great way to incorporate more variety in everyone’s kitchen.

This blog is for everyone who wants to try something different or is searching for easy and affordable vegan recipes for their family.

Thank you and happy cooking!