cleaning checklist for the vegan home

Vegan home cleaning checklist

Complete cleaning checklist for your home, room by room Feeling bored during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine? I understand. Or maybe your home needs cleaning but you lack the motivation to get started? That I also understand. If you need some motivation, or don’t know where to start from, check my complete cleaning checklist. For […]

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quarantine shopping list pantry 1

Vegan quarantine shopping list during coronavirus pandemic

Complete vegan quarantine shopping list for the COVID-19 outbreak – easy to print! I would like to share my quarantine shopping list with all friends impacted by the current pandemic. In my household – two humans and three felines – we’re quarantined as my government assigned is all stay-at-home policy. 3 myths about the coronavirus […]

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Nettle carrot soup ready

Nettle carrot soup – easy and rich in iron

Very easy and delicious nettle carrot soup – for this additional iron boost you may need! If you follow my blog, you’ll have noticed that I posted a nettle soup recipe before. Today’s recipe is a bit different. My nettle carrot soup is a lighter one, with more veggies and clearer consistency. I add some rice […]

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3 ingredient banana chia muffins cover

3 ingredient banana chia muffins – vegan

Easy and fluffy banana chia muffins – only three ingredients, all vegan  If you are a follower of my Facebook or Instagram page, you know I have a sweet tooth and love all kinds of desserts. Most vegan bloggers today share overly-complicated recipes for beautiful desserts which take a lot of time and many ingredients […]

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quinoa lentil dal served

The easiest vegan quinoa lentil dal recipe

Simple, quick and easy vegan quinoa lentil dal – serve over mashed potatoes or potato salad I have a very simple recipe for you today. Protein-packed and very delicious, this quinoa lentil dal is a must-try. You can spice it up or serve it simple, like me. It’s great served over mashed potato – which […]

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3 myths about the coronavirus and what to do instead

Coronavirus – myths vs truths – it’s hard to say which is which for now, but here are some best practices I’m sure you’re asking yourself – why are you writing an article for coronavirus in a vegan recipe blog? Well, a widespread opinion is that the violence and exploitation of animals by humans is […]

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very easy vegan cabbage rolls 3

Very easy vegan cabbage rolls

Drool-worthy, very easy vegan cabbage rolls – with rice and veggies stuffing These vegan cabbage rolls, also called Sarmi, are a classic Eastern European dish. They are prepared very often, in some families every week. There are many variations of the wrapping of the rolls, as well as with the stuffing. Often used wrappings are cabbage […]

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nettle rice soup ready

Hearty nettle rice soup

Very delicious and quick nettle rice soup, all vegan – hearty and thick! A hearty and warm soup can make the worst day better, don’t you agree? I love me a hot bowl on a cold night. It warms my very soul. And, don’t even mention the health benefits of a rich vegetable-packed soup. When […]

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vegan stuffed zucchini boats baking pan 2

Vegan stuffed zucchini boats + secret trick

Homecooked zucchini boats – all vegan and easy to make Zucchini boats are a great vegan main course option and the best thing is, they can be so versatile! You can use many different ingredients for the stuffing. You can pack them full of veggies and bake. Or, like me, you can make them more […]

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