bulgarian chickpea salad needed ingredients

Bulgarian chickpea salad

Appetising, quick and easy Bulgarian chickpea salad

If you’re familiar with Bulgarian cuisine, you must have heard of the Shopska salad. It is a traditional Bulgarian salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper and white cheese. It’s available everywhere and it’s very popular for tourists. As you notice, it’s not vegan.

The salad I am showing you today – Bulgarian chickpea salad – is not a traditional dish, quite the contrary actually. Chickpea is not very popular in Bulgarian cuisine (or at least in the places I have visited.)

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However, I chose to call it Bulgarian chickpea salad, because it is inspired by the Shopska salad. It’s quick, delicious, easy and you can find the ingredients in every store.


  • 1 large ripe red tomato
  • A medium-sized yellow onion
  • Half a can of chickpeas
  • 2 red roasted or raw peppers
  • Half a cucumber
  • Optional – 4-5 green olives
  • Cilantro / parsley
  • Salt, vinegar and olive oil to taste


Start by draining about a half can of chickpeas. You can optionally peel the skins or not – whichever you prefer. Mash the chickpea lightly with a fork.

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Cut the tomato, cucumber and onion in small pieces. Cut the red pepper in strips, if you’ve chosen roasted peppers, like me. You can use raw pepper too, it’s also good. Dice the cilantro and add 4-5 green olives, pitted and halved. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Bulgarians traditionally dress their salads with salt, apple cider vinegar and olive or sunflower oil. I’ve found that it goes great with this salad, too. You can add about 1/2 tablespoon of oil and vinegar and a little salt.

bulgarian chickpea salad ready in a bowl

Stir everything together and serve cold, with a slice of bread. Bon apetit!

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