Nettle carrot soup ready

Nettle carrot soup – easy and rich in iron

Very easy and delicious nettle carrot soup – for this additional iron boost you may need! If you follow my blog, you’ll have noticed that I posted a nettle soup recipe before. Today’s recipe is a bit different. My nettle carrot soup is a lighter one, with more veggies and clearer consistency. I add some rice […]

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nettle rice soup ready

Hearty nettle rice soup

Very delicious and quick nettle rice soup, all vegan – hearty and thick! A hearty and warm soup can make the worst day better, don’t you agree? I love me a hot bowl on a cold night. It warms my very soul. And, don’t even mention the health benefits of a rich vegetable-packed soup. When […]

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clean out the fridge vegetable soup cover photo

Clean out the fridge vegetable soup

Easy clean out the fridge vegetable soup – when you don’t want to waste leftover veggies Often when I go to the market, I buy a lot of veggies that I don’t use later. It’s happened to you too, right? I know it has. To me, it happens at least once or twice a month. […]

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white bean soup cover photo

Country bean soup + my secret ingredient

Country bean soup inspired by my grandma’s recipe When I was little and we visited my grandparent’s house, I always asked my grandma to make me her bean soup. We weren’t vegan back then. Nor were my grandparents, but we ate mostly plant-based food. So, I loved it when grandma made me a pot of […]

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lentil stew ready

Vegan green lentil stew with mushrooms and broccoli

This one pot green lentil stew is for everyone with meat loving friends or family who are hesitant to try more vegan recipes I’m sure you’ve heard it before – my partner or friends don’t want to try my vegan cooking. Many traditional family members are prejudiced towards all vegan food. Some even outright refuse […]

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