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Country bean soup + my secret ingredient

Country bean soup inspired by my grandma’s recipe

When I was little and we visited my grandparent’s house, I always asked my grandma to make me her bean soup. We weren’t vegan back then. Nor were my grandparents, but we ate mostly plant-based food. So, I loved it when grandma made me a pot of her hot, heart-warming bean soup.

The recipe itself is not complicated. What makes it special for me is the memory of my childhood. My grandma at the stove, boiling the soup. Asking me to help her cut the vegetables. Simple, but sweet memoty that will stay with me forever.

The one special thing that makes this bean soup different than all recipes you will see is the herb used to give taste to the soup. My grandparents grew herbs and vegetables in the garden and there is one special herb that she always added to the bean soup. Want to know which one? I promise I share it below in my recipe!

chopped up veggies for bean soup
Chopped up veggies for bean soup

This recipe is adapted to be very similar to what she used to make back then. She always made it from dry beans as there were no canned options back then. It takes more time, but I can assure you it’s much more delicious this way.

If you haven’t cooked dry beans before or want to check how I prepare the beans for the bean soup, make sure to check my article here:

Cooking dry beans – the complete guide

Now that you know how to prepare for the bean soup, let’s get started.


  • A cup of dry beans, prepared following my guide here
  • Medium-sized white onion
  • Small carrot
  • One green or red pepper
  • Four tablespoons cooking oil
  • A tablespoon of red pepper and salt to taste
  • A tablespoon dried garden spearmint
white bean soup served with piece of bread
white bean soup served with piece of bread


This recipe starts after the beans have been soaked and rinsed and you’ve removed the water in which they were boiling twice. If you need some guidance on how to prepare up to this step, check my article here

Now we’re at step 4 of my guide, we leave the beans on the stove to completely boil through. On the side, cut the vegetables in small pieces. Using a smaller pot, heat the oil and add the vegetables. Sautee until they soften.

Add red pepper and salt to the vegetables and leave them to fry for 1-2 more minutes. When ready, slowly and carefully pour the veggie mix into the big pot with the boiled beans. Also add the dried spearmint to the soup.

Leave on the stove for 20 more minutes until all ingredients are fully mixed together and all of the spices have released their aroma.

Serve hot with a slice of bread. Enjoy!

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