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The fastest bean stew recipe

Easiest and fastest mixed bean stew recipe – ready in 20 minutes

This extremely quick bean stew recipe was born today out of necessity rather than anything else. I’m sure you know how it is. A somewhat busy day went by and I didn’t realize when dinnertime had come and (almost) passed.

Swarmed under work and home chores, I have planned to make a fancy dinner, but guess what? Of course, no time for that. Really, I would love to have had the time today for more cooking. But, after all, other things had priority, so before I knew it it was 8:30 PM and no dinner was near to being ready.

Some of the ingredients for my fastest bean stew
Some of the ingredients for my fastest bean stew

So, this recipe is for those times when we need an extra fast dinner fix. You can make it from scratch in under 20 minutes and have dinner served by the half-hour mark. Of course, this recipe is cheap, easy and totally vegan! It is also gluten-free, unless you choose to thicken it with flour.


  • Two cans of cooked beans, mixed types. I used one can of red beans and one can of four mixed beans
  • Green garlic leaves – just a couple
  • Four tbsp chopped tomatoes (canned or fresh)
  • One tsp dry vegetable mix
  • Spices of choice – thyme, mint
  • Two tbsp cooking oil

spices for fastest bean stew
Spices for the bean stew

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For my fastest bean stew recipe, use a big wok pan or a skillet. Heat the oil and chop the green garlic leaves. Add them to the heated pan along with the spices and dry veggie mix. Add some salt to taste and sautee for about three minutes.

Add the chopped tomatoes to the pan and stir well. I used a can of tomatoes – just about four tablespoons is enough. That’s about a third of the can. Sautee with the dry veggie and spices mix for about a couple more minutes.

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Now drain and rinse your canned beans of choice and add them to the pan. Add about a cup of water and let them simmer for about 15 minutes. That may sound too quickly, but since the canned beans are already cooked, you only need to mix all spices and tastes. Trust me, the aroma and taste of this bean stew is amazing.

fastest bean stew served
My fastest bean stew served

You can lower the heat and simmer for longer. I didn’t have time, so I cooked the bean stew on medium to high heat until the water evaporates a bit and I get the desired thickness. For a more hearty, thicker stew you can add a tablespoon of flour mixed with two tablespoons of water.

The recipe for the fastest bean stew is ready! You can serve it hot with a side of salad of your choice. That’s an amazing, ultra-fast dinner option, packed with lots of protein. It’s thick, with rich aroma, healthy and gluten-free.

Watch me prepare a version of this fast bean stew with tomato paste!

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