improvised guacamole cover photo

Improvised guacamole

A quick improvised twist on the original recipe – my improvised guacamole! Everyone loves guacamole! Guac is a favorite side dish or dip for many. The original recipe is very well known – you can also check it on Martha Stuarts’s webpage here. Spicy and typically Mexican, it’s a great addition to your table. My improvised […]

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ready chocolate coconut banana cake 2

5 ingredient chocolate banana loaf

Easy vegan 5 ingredient chocolate banana loaf – no applesauce! As you can see, I love my banana bread! I make it regularly, in all possible variations. It’s great breakfast or dessert. I can pack it and take it to work as a quick afternoon bite with my coffee. Banana bread desserts are very versatile […]

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easiest quinoa recipe 2

The easiest 30 minute quinoa recipe on the web

The easiest quinoa recipe you will find! Quinoa with black beans, corn and tomato salsa. Ready in 30 minutes or less Today I want to show you a very easy and very quick meal. You can serve it warm as a main dish or cold as a salad. This is my favourite, easiest quinoa recipe […]

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ready grape leaves sarmi

Vegan stuffed grape leaves | Dolmades | Sarmi

Traditional stuffed grape leaves with rice and veggies Stuffed grape leaves are a traditional recipe in Eastern cuisine. Called dolmades in Greek or sarmi in Bulgarian cuisine, this dish is originally vegan.  In Bulgaria, stuffed grape leaves or sarmi is always served on Christmas Eve. There is a curious tradition for Christmas Eve dinner there. […]

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ready sweet potato filo pie

Sweet potato filo pie

A delicious and easy vegan sweet potato filo pie with apples, nuts and dried fruit You’re probably wondering what exactly filo pie is. Also, why is this recipe on a blog specifically for cheap and easy recipes? A quick Wikipedia check-up tells us: Filo or phyllo, is a very thin unleavened dough used for making […]

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ready vegan moussaka platter cover photo

Vegan lentil moussaka – gluten free

My easy recipe for vegan lentil moussaka – healthy and gluten-free! Moussaka is a popular main dish in Eastern Europe. There are many variations, depending on the country, but the base is always potatoes and minced meat. Bulgarian classic moussaka includes tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, while the Greek version has eggplant in it. Regardless […]

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vegan spaghetti with bolognese sauce

My 30 minute red lentil bolognese sauce

My quick and easy recipe for red lentil bolognese sauce – ideal for pasta! Before going vegan, my favorite pasta sauce was bolognese. The thick tomato-based sauce is the go-to choice of many people. The great news is that it can be veganized very easily – you don’t need any complicated ingredients or faux meats. […]

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clean out the fridge vegetable soup cover photo

Clean out the fridge vegetable soup

Easy clean out the fridge vegetable soup – when you don’t want to waste leftover veggies Often when I go to the market, I buy a lot of veggies that I don’t use later. It’s happened to you too, right? I know it has. To me, it happens at least once or twice a month. […]

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winter red lentil stew sauteeing lentil and veggies

Hearty winter red lentil stew – vegan

Delicious winter red lentil stew – step by step guide with photos It’s getting colder with each day and winter is here. We’re looking forward to the holiday season. This weather, this time of the year gets me in the mood for warm, hearty food. Yes, cinnamon and cookies too, but also hot stews and […]

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4 ingredient rainbow ratatouille

4 ingredient rainbow ratatouille

Easy 4 ingredient rainbow ratatouille – vegan and gluten-free We’ve all seen the heart-warming animated movie Ratatouille about an unusual wanna-be French chef. The dish ratatouille gained real world-wide popularity after that.  To be honest, I’ve prepared a similar dish before I knew how it’s called or that it’s French. This is because vegetables-only dishes are […]

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