lentil stew ready

Vegan green lentil stew with mushrooms and broccoli

This one pot green lentil stew is for everyone with meat loving friends or family who are hesitant to try more vegan recipes I’m sure you’ve heard it before – my partner or friends don’t want to try my vegan cooking. Many traditional family members are prejudiced towards all vegan food. Some even outright refuse […]

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cabbage with tomatoes ready

Easiest 3 ingredient oven baked cabbage with tomatoes

Simple and delicious cabbage with tomatoes, baked in the oven As most of my readers know, I’m all for easy, simple recipes that don’t need tens of obscure ingredients you can find in one store about 100 km away. Today’s recipe is just that – simple, yet elegant three ingredient roast cabbage with tomatoes. Preparation […]

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One bowl ingredients for lunch bean salad

White bean and avocado lunch salad

A simple and quick lunch salad when you don’t have the time to cook There are these days when I barely have any time to eat, because I am swarmed with errands to run. We all know what that’s like. We also know that it’s super important to keep your body fuelled properly to meet the demands […]

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ingredients for red bean burger patties 3

Cheap 5 ingredient red bean burger patties

Easy vegan red bean burger patties with cumin and onions Veggie burgers are getting really popular these days, as well as plant-based “meats” such as the infamous Beyond Burger. If you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive Beyond meat or the complicated vegan burgers that are too difficult to make at home, I got you covered. My 5 […]

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Ready stuffed peppers

Easy vegan leftover rice and quinoa stuffed peppers

Quick, easy and affordable rice and quinoa stuffed peppers with leftover veggies There are tons of recipes for stuffed peppers on the web, so you may be thinking – why am I writing another one? Well, this wasn’t intended as a stuffed peppers kind of dinner. As most of the recipes on my blog I […]

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pumpkin spice cupcakes before they go in the oven

No frosting vegan pumpkin spice cupcakes

My pumpkin spice cupcakes will fill your kitchen with warmth and autumn vibes! Check out this recipe yourself and drop me a comment or an email to let me know if you like the vegan pumpkin spice cupcakes better than the traditional ones. Ingredients 2 cups grated pumpkin or butternut squash 1 ½ cups sugar1 […]

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ready banana bread

Quick and easy breakfast banana bread

The banana bread is a classic, easy recipe that is just made to be veganized. The banana bread is perfect for breakfast or a non-pretentious dessert. You can bring it to a family gathering, office party – it’s versatile, it’s easy and you’ll never get it wrong. It’s great fun to make it with your […]

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