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Vegan quarantine shopping list during coronavirus pandemic

Complete vegan quarantine shopping list for the COVID-19 outbreak – easy to print!

I would like to share my quarantine shopping list with all friends impacted by the current pandemic. In my household – two humans and three felines – we’re quarantined as my government assigned is all stay-at-home policy.

3 myths about the coronavirus and what to do instead

We’re healthy for now and show no symptoms, but we have to stay at home to protect other people. Me and my partner work from home and go out in very rare cases such as to shop for food or to throw out the trash. Our cats – all three of them – stay home, as they always do, so this is no change for them.

Keep up with the latest updates for COVID-19 from WHO.

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This is my homemade produce – roasted peppers and marinated chilli peppers. Also some of my canned beans and other random cans of food.

Should you stockpile food and bulk-shop – my advice

A lot has been said about stockpiling unnecessary products and bulk-shopping. It stresses out the retail workers and they may have to pull overtime due to all the panic buying. I mean, really panic buying – people stocking up on toilet paper like it’s the end of the world and the survival of the human species depends on how much TP they have left.

quarantine shopping list toilet paper
Guilty as charged! I also bought toilet paper – but not to stock it! I want to avoid as many unnecessary trips to the store as possible.

I believe we can all agree that this is unnecessary panic and illogical behaviour, which puts a strain on the retail system. However, there is some benefit to buying in bulk or buying more from a certain product that you would normally do.

quarantine shopping list sweets etc
My shelves of random sweets or crackers. Some are not vegan – they are for my omni partner. Also one of my cats in the background.

Here’s what I would recommend

My advice is – do not give in to panic buying. But do shop more than you would normally do on any other day of the week. Why is that? Well, several reasons:

  • buying more of any product you usually need means less trips to the store
  • which means, less exposure to other people and smaller chance of contracting the virus
  • or, if you’ve been exposed but don’t know it – less exposure for other people from you

When and where you should go shopping?

quarantine shopping list potatoes and onions
Don’t forget you also need fresh vegetables.

In normal times my advice will always be – support local stores and farmers markets and buy there. Not this time though. Why? Well, hygiene is one of the reasons. Some local stores may be too short-staffed and won’t find the time to clean properly. 

Another reason is that you would have to visit several places in order to get what you need which leaves you vulnerable to more exposure. In this aspect, large supermarkets are preferable as you have all in one place.

So, prepare the below vegan quarantine shopping list and do a trip to the supermarket.

Vegan quarantine shopping list

Fresh vegetables and fruit:

  • Sack of potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Green salad, kale, zucchini, beetroots etc to keep in the fridge
  • Apples and bananas

Grains and legumes:

  • Packet of each: 1 kg rice, 1 kg dry beans, 1 kg lentils
  • Various nuts in 50 g packets for snacks
  • Packet of quinoa and chia
  • Rolled oats

Other preserved or canned foods

  • Jars of cooked beans
  • Cans of chopped tomatoes
  • Packets of frozen vegetables
  • Spaghetti sauce


  • Various biscuits and crackers
  • Croissants and waffles or other sweets 
  • Vegan chocolate
  • Vegan milk
  • Various types of pasta
  • Dates and other dried fruit
  • Wine or alcohol of choice in small quantities
  • Olive oil or oil of choice

Non-food items

  • Pet food and pet litter as needed
  • Soap, toilet paper
  • Shampoo, day cream, face wash, deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Paper napkins and wet wipes with alcohol
  • Some cleaning and disinfecting products

This is most of it. I also have homemade jars of different produce such as homemade roasted peppers, green peas  which I had at my pantry anyway.

Stay safe during those difficult times!

Like this list? Share and comment below – what do you shop?

Vegan quarantine shopping list during coronavirus pandemic
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Vegan quarantine shopping list during coronavirus pandemic
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