ready chocolate coconut banana cake 2

5 ingredient chocolate banana loaf

Easy vegan 5 ingredient chocolate banana loaf – no applesauce! As you can see, I love my banana bread! I make it regularly, in all possible variations. It’s great breakfast or dessert. I can pack it and take it to work as a quick afternoon bite with my coffee. Banana bread desserts are very versatile […]

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chocolate hazelnut banana bread ready

Easy and quick chocolate hazelnut banana bread

Adapted recipe for a quick festive dessert with a chocolate-hazelnut twist I just love banana bread! It’s so universal and easy to make, it’s a shame not to make it every week. Today’s recipe is a twist on the traditional – we’re making chocolate hazelnut banana bread. I have previously shown you the traditional recipe, […]

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ready banana bread

Quick and easy breakfast banana bread

The banana bread is a classic, easy recipe that is just made to be veganized. The banana bread is perfect for breakfast or a non-pretentious dessert. You can bring it to a family gathering, office party – it’s versatile, it’s easy and you’ll never get it wrong. It’s great fun to make it with your […]

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