ready vegan moussaka platter cover photo

Vegan lentil moussaka – gluten free

My easy recipe for vegan lentil moussaka – healthy and gluten-free! Moussaka is a popular main dish in Eastern Europe. There are many variations, depending on the country, but the base is always potatoes and minced meat. Bulgarian classic moussaka includes tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, while the Greek version has eggplant in it. Regardless […]

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cabbage with tomatoes ready

Easiest 3 ingredient oven baked cabbage with tomatoes

Simple and delicious cabbage with tomatoes, baked in the oven As most of my readers know, I’m all for easy, simple recipes that don’t need tens of obscure ingredients you can find in one store about 100 km away. Today’s recipe is just that – simple, yet elegant three ingredient roast cabbage with tomatoes. Preparation […]

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