bulgarian chickpea salad needed ingredients

Bulgarian chickpea salad

Appetising, quick and easy Bulgarian chickpea salad If you’re familiar with Bulgarian cuisine, you must have heard of the Shopska salad. It is a traditional Bulgarian salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper and white cheese. It’s available everywhere and it’s very popular for tourists. As you notice, it’s not vegan. The salad I am showing […]

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One bowl ingredients for lunch bean salad

White bean and avocado lunch salad

A simple and quick lunch salad when you don’t have the time to cook There are these days when I barely have any time to eat, because I am swarmed with errands to run. We all know what that’s like. We also know that it’s super important to keep your body¬†fuelled¬†properly to meet the demands […]

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