nettle rice soup ready

Hearty nettle rice soup

Very delicious and quick nettle rice soup, all vegan – hearty and thick! A hearty and warm soup can make the worst day better, don’t you agree? I love me a hot bowl on a cold night. It warms my very soul. And, don’t even mention the health benefits of a rich vegetable-packed soup. When […]

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clean out the fridge vegetable soup cover photo

Clean out the fridge vegetable soup

Easy clean out the fridge vegetable soup – when you don’t want to waste leftover veggies Often when I go to the market, I buy a lot of veggies that I don’t use later. It’s happened to you too, right? I know it has. To me, it happens at least once or twice a month. […]

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white bean soup cover photo

Country bean soup + my secret ingredient

Country bean soup inspired by my grandma’s recipe When I was little and we visited my grandparent’s house, I always asked my grandma to make me her bean soup. We weren’t vegan back then. Nor were my grandparents, but we ate mostly plant-based food. So, I loved it when grandma made me a pot of […]

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