vegan lentil mushroom stew served

Vegan lentil mushroom stew

Rich, creamy and spicy lentil mushroom stew served over mashed potatoes

This recipe for a vegan lentil mushroom stew is a perfect option for a dinner during the week. It’s easy to make even for beginners in the kitchen. It’s ready in under an hour and can be served with mashed potatoes, potato salad or boiled white rice.

This quick and easy to make recipe is perfect for dinner on a busy night. Also, did I mention – it’s gluten-free! This lentil stew is packed with protein and is also very delicious.

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You can use many different veggies in the stew. Great options are carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, all kinds of onions and different green herbs. Today I choose to add only mushrooms and red onions, but you can mix and match.

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The spices I used in this recipe worked amazingly well with the lentils and gave a great finishing taste. I used hot red pepper flakes also – but if you don’t like spicy food, feel free to skip this one.

I must add that this recipe is inspired by Elavegan! Let’s get cooking!

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  • One and a half cups green lentils, soaked for 15 mins (discard the water);
  • Four-five white mushrooms;
  • One red onion;
  • Two tablespoons olive oil;
  • Two tablespoons soy sauce;
  • One tablespoon of each:
    • Red chilli pepper flakes;
    • Paprika;
    • Garlic powder;
    • Oregano;
    • Salt to taste
spices for vegan lentil mushroom stew


  1. Soak lentils in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes and discard the water.
  2. Chop the red onion and slice the mushrooms (see video)
  3. Heat a skillet or pot and add the oil, mushrooms, onion, all spices (I also added the cornstarch), soy sauce and 2-3 tablespoons water and sautee for about 5-10 minutes until the veggies are soft. Stir in the meantime to prevent from sticking.
  4. Add the soaked lentils to the pan and 2-3 cups of water depending on the thickness you want to achieve. Broil for 25 minutes until fully soft and cooked.
  5. Serve warm over mashed potatoes or garnish as per your own choice.
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Note – when I make mashed potatoes, I use a simple trick – just boil 3-4 potatoes and mash them with a fork while hot. The only things I add are salt and butter of choice (coconut).

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